Baba Yaga

A new take on an old Russian folktale guaranteed to give you lots to chew on.

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Vaselina lives the quiet life, safely tucked away on the third floor of a very tall apartment block eating noodles (not spicy) and polishing her beloved spoon collection. But all that changes when she is forced to confront the terrifying Baba Yaga who plays her music far too loudly and eats jelly babies with her mouth open.

Who is this mysterious neighbour? Will she ever turn the music down? And what exactly is she planning for dinner?

An uproarious musical journey to the top floor and beyond, Baba Yaga is a brand new take on an old Russian folktale co-created by director Rosemary Myers and two unique and celebrated artists from opposite ends of the globe; Shona Reppe (The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean) and Christine Johnston (The Kransky Sisters).

Baba Yaga will premiere at the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival in May 2018.

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Meet the Cast and Creative Team

  • Rosemary Myers

    Director, Co-Creator

    Under Rose’s leadership as Artistic Director, Windmill creates and presents work inspired by the vibrancy, sophistication and inventiveness of young people and the exhilarating challenges they pose to creating theatre of relevance in this modern time.

    Rose is a multi-Helpmann Award nominated director, her productions regularly visit leading stages and festivals around Australia and the world, including the Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong’s Arts and Leisure Centre and New York’s New Victory Theatre. Her directing credits for Windmill include Pinocchio, The Wizard Of Oz, Fugitive, School Dance, Big Bad Wolf and Girl Asleep. Prior to Windmill, Rosemary was the Artistic Director of Arena Theatre Company and Artistic Director of Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Out of the Box Festival in 2010.

  • Christine Johnston

    Performer, Co-Creator

    Christine Johnston is an Australian performing artist, writer and singer who became known on the Brisbane arts and live music scenes from the late 1980s for her dramatic visual performances combining music, voice and her signature style of humour.

    In 2000, Christine and friend Annie Lee birthed the multi-award winning and internationally beloved comedic trio The Kransky Sisters who, with regular television appearances, are continuously touring. Collaborating with Carolyn Johns from 2017 and previously Michele Watt, The Kransky Sisters have received several awards and nominations including The Age Critics Award, Best Newcomers Award and a Green Room Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2004).

    Christine continues to create a diversity of performance and musical works for events, festivals, art galleries, theatre, comedy, short film and cabaret, touring through Australia, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, USA and Canada.

  • Shona Reppe

    Performer, Co-Creator

    Shona Reppe is an award winning artist with an excellent track record of producing high quality, challenging theatre with high production values. Her credits include Cinderella, Potato Needs a Bath, The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean and theatre installation HUFF.

    A multi-award winning artist, her work regularly appears in leading venues and festivals around the world, including Barbican and Southbank in London, Sydney Opera House, the New Victory in New York’s Broadway and the Perth and Adelaide International Arts Festivals. Her recent work includes Black Beauty, which Shona developed with Andy Manley and Andy Cannon. The piece was performed to sell out audiences as part of Edinburgh’s Traverse Christmas programme.


  • Director, Co-Creator Rosemary Myers
  • Performer, Co-Creator Christine Johnston
  • Performer, Co-Creator Shona Reppe


Co-commissioned by Windmill Theatre Company and Imaginate



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