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Goldstone, The Daughter, and Girl Asleep Win at the 2017 AFCA Awards

The Australian Film Critics Association has spoken.

Quirky South Australian coming of age tale Girl Asleep has taken the top prize at the 2017 Australian Film Critics Association, while Goldstone and The Daughter picked up acting honours for Aaron Pedersen and Odessa Young, respectively.

Ivan Sen also won Best Director for Goldstone, while Simon Stone took home Best Screenplay for The Daughter.

In the writing awards, Adrian Danks scooped the Ivan Hutchinson Award for best long-form writing on Australian or International cinema for South of Ealing: recasting a British studio’s antipodean escapade, while Best Review of an Australian Film went to Lauren Carroll Harris for Joe Cinque’s Consolation: Too much Helen or not enough?, and Best Review of a Non-Australian Film went to Ivan Cercina for No Home Movie.

And the complete winners are:

Best Film: Girl Asleep

Best Director: Ivan Sen (Goldstone)

Best Screenplay: Simon Stone (The Daughter)

Best Actor: Aaron Pedersen: (Goldstone)

Best Actress: Odessa Young (The Daughter)

Best Supporting Actor: Sam Neill (The Daughter)

Best Supporting Actress: Jacki Weaver (Goldstone)

Best Cinematography: Ivan Sen (Goldstone)

Best International Film (Foreign Language): Mustang

Best International Film (English Language): Arrival

Best Documentary: Sherpa

Ivan Hutchinson Award: Adrian Danks (South of Ealing: recasting a British studio’s antipodean escapade)

Best Review of an Australian Film: Lauren Carroll Harris (Joe Cinque’s Consolation: Too much Helen or not enough?)

Best Review of a Non-Australian Film: Ivan Cercina (No Home Movie)


By Travis Johnson

Originally appeared on Film Ink

By Chloe Svaikauskas

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