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We love innovative digital learning.

Education has long been a vital part of what Windmill Theatre Company does.

We believe in augmenting the experiences of our works with an education program that develops creative literacy.

This includes study guides for teachers, post-show activities, in-school workshops and even professional development.

Alongside select projects we create interactive experiences that provide students, teachers and general fans with unique opportunities to engage with our work.

These projects are immersive, imaginative and dynamic places for young people to experience Windmill projects on a deeper level.

So far we’ve produced two such resources: Girl Asleep – An Interactive Journey, and Across Land and Sea – Muzafar’s True Story. Explore these resources by clicking through below.

Girl Asleep: An Interactive Journey

Girl Asleep: An Interactive Journey is an immersive online experience where audiences can explore the set of the film, meet the cast and crew, and take a quiz to discover their ultimate film role.

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WINNER: Best Educational/Training Video or Website (Primary/Secondary) Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards 2018

Across Land and Sea: Muzafar’s True Story

To accompany our production of Amphibian we developed a dynamic online experience that allows audiences and students to explore the real-life journey of a refugee. Follow cultural consultant Muzafar Ali as he leaves his home in Afghanistan and makes his way across land and sea to Australia.

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Get the latest news and announcements as they happen. Check out our latest coverage and if you’re in the media, request logos, still imagery and interviews with company talent.



Exclusive behind-the-scenes fun from Windmill Theatre Co. Home to artist profiles, galleries and features, this is where we talk inspiration, arts and our obsession with onesies.



Discover how you can become a special part of our company’s legacy, and in turn, an important contributor to the fabric of live theatre for young people in this country.


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