Girl Asleep

Part fairytale and part lipstick-smeared vigilante escapade.

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Part of the Trilogy

Greta Driscoll is chronically shy and privately falling apart.

Frozen in the spotlight of her fifteenth birthday, things go from bad to worse when a stranger arrives propelling her into a parallel place; a latent world that’s weirdly erotic, ultra violent and thoroughly ludicrous. Part fairytale and part lipstick-smeared vigilante escapade, this is a girl’s own adventure where heroism and gender implode in a unique exposé of the sisterhood.

  • Recommended for age
  • Theatre
  • 90 minutes


  • 2015 Australian Writers Guild Award: Nomination: Matthew Whittet

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2 - 24 December Belvoir St Theatre / Sydney, Australia

Highlights from the Show

Meet the Cast & Creative Team

  • Matthew Whittet

    Writer, Cast

    Matthew is an actor and writer who has worked extensively in theatre, film and television for the past 17 years. Matt’s first play Twelve was workshopped at the National Playwrights Conference in Perth, 2006. His second was Silver, directed by Ben Winspear for Belvoir downstairs in which he also performed solo. Matt’s collaboration with Windmill has resulted in four plays and one feature film with Girl Asleep being the most recent, in addition to Fugitive, School Dance and Big Bad Wolf. Matt’s two hander Cinderella garnered outstanding reviews at the close of 2014 in the Belvoir downstairs space and his most recent play Seventeen premiered in the upstairs theatre in 2015.

  • Rosemary Myers


    Under Rose’s leadership as Artistic Director, Windmill creates and presents work that is inspired by the vibrancy, sophistication and inventiveness of young people and the exhilarating challenges they pose to creating theatre of genuine relevance in this modern time. A multi-Helpmann Award nominated director, her productions regularly visit leading stages and festivals around Australia and the world, including the Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong’s Arts and Leisure Centre and New York’s New Victory Theatre. Her directing credits for Windmill include Pinocchio, The Wizard Of Oz, Fugitive, School Dance, Big Bad Wolf and Girl Asleep. Prior to Windmill, Rosemary was the Artistic Director of Arena Theatre Company and Artistic Director of Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Out of the Box Festival in 2010.

  • Jonathon Oxlade


    Jonathon studied Illustration and Sculpture at the Queensland College of Art. He has designed set and costumes for Windmill Theatre Co, Queensland Theatre, LaBoite Theatre, Is This Yours?, Aphids, Circa, Arena Theatre Company, Polyglot, The Real TV Project, Polytoxic, Men of Steel, Lemony S Puppet Theatre, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Vitalstatistix, Barking Gecko, Bell Shakespeare, The Border Project, State Theatre Company South Australia, Sydney Theatre Company, The Escapists, Sandpit and Belvoir St Theatre. Venues and Festivals he has designed set and costumes for include the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Festival, Asia TOPA, Adelaide Festival and Fringe, The Malthouse, Performance Space and the Queensland Art Gallery. Jonathon has illustrated the picture book The Empty City for Hachette Livre/Lothian, the Edie Amelia series by Sophie Lee, was Festival Designer for the 2010 Out of the Box Festival, 2015 Brisbane Festival’s Arcadia and is currently the Resident Designer at Windmill Theatre.

  • Luke Smiles

    Original Soundtrack

    Luke creates highly detailed soundtracks for theatre, dance and film, working across all areas of music composition, sound design, foley and sound effects editing. Working under his business name motion laboratories, Luke has composed and produced soundtracks for many Australian and international artists & companies. Various credits include: ʻGʼ (Australian Dance Theatre), Double Think (Byron Perry), Glow (Chunky Move), I left my shoes on warm concrete and stood in the rain (Gabrielle Nankivell), The Maids (Sydney Theatre Company), Wildebeest (Sydney Dance Company), Fugitive, School Dance and Girl Asleep (Windmill Theatre Company).

  • Richard Vabre

    Lighting Designer

    Richard is a freelance lighting designer who has lit productions for Melbourne Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre, Victorian Opera, Windmill Theatre Co, Arena Theatre Company, NICA, The Darwin Festival, Stuck Pig’s Squealing, Chambermade, Rawcus, Red Stitch, Polyglot, Melbourne Worker’s Theatre, Aphids and many productions at La Mama Awards. Richard has won 4 Green Room Awards including the Association’s John Truscott Prize for Excellence in Design (2004). He has also been nominated for 7 other Green Room Awards.

  • Gabrielle Nankivell

    Movement Consultant

    An avid maker, performer, educator and collaborator, Gabrielle has spent over a decade creating and performing for a worldwide audience. Her choreographic work has been presented in 10 countries across 3 continents. She was also co-founder/director of the project company OX (Belgium/Slovenia) with Jurij Konjar from 2003-2007.

    Gabrielle’s performance credits with renowned international companies and artists include Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus (Belgium), Raul Maia (Portugal), Thomas Steyaert (Belgium), Alexander Baervoets (Belgium), Aaben Dans (Denmark), Splintergroup/Animal Farm Collective (Australia/Germany), Luke Smiles, Regurgitator, Daniel Jaber & Australian Dance Theatre amongst others.

  • Amber McMahon


    Amber is an award-winning actor who has worked extensively in theatre for the past 12 years. She graduated from Flinders University in 2002 and has since worked across the country and abroad with a host of leading companies including Melbourne Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir Theatre, State Theatre Company of SA, Queensland Theatre Company and Windmill Theatre Co.Amber’s most recent theatre credits include MTC’s North By Northwest and Windmill’s Girl Asleep and School Dance, for which she won the 2013 Helpmann Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Play. She was a founding member of Sydney Theatre Company’s Actors Ensemble, appearing in several productions including The War Of The Roses, Gallipoli, The Lost Echo and The Season At Sarsaparilla.

  • Ellen Steele


    Ellen has worked extensively in theatre throughout Australia and overseas, with productions including Between Two Waves, Holding the Man, Maestro (State Theatre Company of SA), Love, Ruby Bruise (Vitalstatistix), Wolf (Slingsby), I Am Not An Animal, I, Animal (The Border Project), Grug, Girl Asleep, Big Bad Wolf, Grug and the Rainbow (Windmill Theatre Co), Mr McGee and the Biting Flea (Patch Theatre Company). Ellen is also a founding member of independent theatre company isthisyours? whose productions include Nathalie Ribout, Make Me Honest, Make Me Wedding Cake, Best We Forget, You Wanna Talk About It and The Awkward Years.

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"A swirl of colour and movement."


"Matthew Whittet’s big-hearted coming-of-age tale rode high on Rosemary Myers’ slick direction and energetic comic performances and elaborate sets and costumes."


"Vivacious and memorable…has all the bright, bold, energetic hallmarks of earlier works."


"Eamon Farren is endearing as Elliot"


"Ellen Steele plays Greta with utter charm and conviction, the light in the room who gives everyone else a chance to shine."


"Familiar blend of fantasy, comedy and gentle sentiment aimed at all audiences."


"Eamon Farren is pitch perfect as Greta’s awkward but brave friend Elliot."


"Girl Asleep is a memorable show, bringing together the entertaining absurdity of dreams and the struggles of adolescent life in a perfect mix. Girl Asleep is definitely something special."


"Windmill’s collaboration with Whittet continues to thrive."


"Girl Asleep is an excellent night out for both adults and almost-adults."


"One of the Adelaide Festival’s most loved performances."



  • Writer, Cast Matthew Whittet
  • Director Rosemary Myers
  • Designer Jonathon Oxlade
  • Original Soundtrack Luke Smiles
  • Lighting Designer Richard Vabre
  • Movement Consultant Gabrielle Nankivell
  • Cast Amber McMahon
  • Cast Ellen Steele


Belvoir presents a Windmill Theatre Co production

Original season presented by Windmill Theatre Co and 2014 Adelaide Festival. This project received special funding from Major Commissions and Festival Commissioning Fund Through Arts SA and 2014 Adelaide Festival.

Listen to the Soundtrack



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